Brightening Dawn

Robert Helck, Glyphs Member

To bake in the heat, the Sun knows not mercy

It takes back what it gave us all those years ago

And I beheld a dark cell before me

I entered Hell, forsaking, Earth as I go.


Dark and cramped, unknown, unseen

Flies buzz, circling the men in chains

The men there, half dead, still unseen;

Dream of life or death. They dream in vain.


Through the cold bars of steel the world tortures me

At the very first glimmer of brightening dawn

Life goes on, the world spins around me

The joys of life and existence are forever gone


Our wives wait at first, staying true

Every year until to my horror saw

She walked home with another who

Stays until brightening dawn


Men grow older, lives waste away

Your goals and hopes turned to lies

The love of your life, so far away

The hopes of life lay cauterized.


Longing to take back your short life from the steps of deaths door

But seeing an old inmate

Rotting and dead as the cold hard floor

Your desperate soul despairs into a ball of fear and hate


Behold the Fence, barbed with sharp wire and steel

Charged with a current known to burn

Armed to the teeth with wicked steel

Channelling the lightning which burns


The pickaxe callouses our ancient hands

Watchtowers, watching and waiting

Smelling the blood from our torn-up hands

For our flesh the rats are waiting


From these rocks to the dark misery of the cell, away from sunlight pale

And back in the morning, from the pitch-dark cell to the virgin-dawn

And back again to the steel-barred hole, starving and pale

I missed the first glimmer of brightening dawn


Through the bars of steel the world is gone

I know not where God’s love goes

May a man only cry; “Another year’s gone”!

The son of God leaves us, with the years he goes


And behold the corpse, whose eyes once were blue

A visiting priest sees him on Cristman

When our bodies are starving and blue

On pregnant girl left freezing Christmas


The fence was pushed down by a hundred dead men

Christ left us not, so run, run through the falling rain

The fence is crushed by a ghost whose eyes once were blue


And, breaking free from the bonds of life’s repetitive nature, surrounded by hopeful infinity, running from the bonds of human enslavement, with a rejoicing heart, you are free. Nevermore the shackles nor the want of life and death, both ever so distant in that Hellish prison.


Unless it’s a dream

And the walls came not down

Perhaps just a dream

And still you’re cast down


Where never you’ll see

The Sun nor the dawn

Where the skin that you see

Never is touched by the glimmers of brightening dawn.