Iscariot (Online Version)

Robert Helck, Glyphs Member


Oh Lord above, can You not hear me pray?

Can Your perfect omniscient mind,  not see me lay

About to die for crimes committed, yes

But under holy orders, Heaven bless’d!

The tree is far, so I have time                                                               5

To talk about and ruminate my crimes

With hempen rope within my grasp I’ll talk

And to destruction slowly walk,

But must I die?

And who am I?                                                                                        10

And must I be discarded, toss’d away

To holy scripture’s hateful page?

Is there not time to right the wrongs

Not mine but Yours, my God!

My faith is strong, but not through holy love’s ascent                     15

For hatred inhumane gives hateful testament

Of something there beyond the sky

Who watches softly as I die

Perhaps, My Lord, in prayer aloud

My peace of mind may yet be found.                                                  20


Still I can remember when I joined in the Lord

Our futures bright and good was His word

Pure of soul and pure of mind

Without the tempting vice that we’d now find

If we looked for those times long gone                                               25

The times with hope like morning dawn

In those times we served our God alone

Whom by the flame of man won’t be outshone Living on the bread of a humble world

With nothing costly, no silver or gold                                                  30

Life was good and our minds were clear

A life without war and bloodied steel

Of the Romans who’d seen and conquered as they came

And looked upon us with haughty disdain

Romans, who watched like hawks                                                          35

The Pharisees, who laughed and gawked

At the sight of the twelve who followed the Lord

Who could see for mankind a far better world

Who were separate from the sins of men

Whose mission was clear as the blowing wind                                     40


From time to time and now and then As we walked among the starving slums

I could have swore I heard, I’m sure

Among the thousands faithful, maybe more

A voice that was rising within the congregation                                    45

Speaking the words of revolution!

I looked to Peter and he to me

For we could see

The stakes of the danger that faced our land

If the Romans caught wind of any such plan                                           50

And sent in the troops to put it down

And razed all of Israel to the ground

Our peaceful mission would be no more

Erased from history with blood and gore

And all of the good that Christ did teach                                                  55

Destroyed by Caesar’s long reach

For the people of Israel were looking to Christ

But mostly to effect a general strike

And thus, the olden times and good old days

Had turned to darkness like evening last rays.                                        60


And what Christ had been preaching for all of these years

A world of brotherhood and one free of fear

Was lost on the people who suffered in pain

Whose oppression was clear, whose agonies were plain.

It would not be too long before an uprising                                              65

With Christ defamed if the Roman side won

The crowd was a tide that could not be held back

The Romans were watching, on the verge of attack

And yet the others couldn’t see the gathering storm

And were blind to the calamity that lay in store                                       70

In my heart for the son of God there was love

I believed to the end He’d come from above

But I had love for the Messiah in his teaching and soul

The undying, unending, soul of God, not young not old

In the physical world Christ was just a man                                                75

But his spirit and message were more, an instrument of Your holy Plan

If he died in the World he would live evermore

But if defamed as a rebel his message would die at the core

But did He know this as well?

Or shall I be condemned forever to Hell?                                                    80



The tree now lies before me as the Palestinian Sun sets and life itself burns in the heat of day

Before the gnarled bark, a dead rodent lies, and I wonder if I will or will not end up that way

I, who by the noose will quickly die

May well be noticed only by the flies

But worst, my peace of mind is not yet manifest                                         85

When I see on the ground a fallen nest

Which fell completely free

From the gnarled hanging tree

Its eggs are there without a scratch at all

They somehow did indeed survive the fall                                                    90

Though some, I see, bear the scratch marks of a rat

A rat, which evidently gave attack

And tried to kill the helpless egg.

I go to touch the shell, instead

I see a bird, full grown, dying in the light                                                     95

I jump, with childish fright at the sudden sight

The bird bears sign of battle, a blood stained beak

Against the now dead rat, but the bird is breathing weak

And it has that look you very rarely find

The maternal, protective, victorious kind.                                                   100


And the chicks from the eggs are beginning to hatch

As the mother is fading, yet fights to watch

The hatching chicks unto her last

And then she lays her head, and goes to rest

And in that moment, with teary eyes

I see at last why Christ and I must die                                                           105

Like the mother of the birds

Who gave her life so they’d have theirs

So must I, Judas, and so must Christ, through Crucifixion

Must die for mankind’s holy salvation

I climb the tree on top the hill                                                                         110

And scarcely see the thronging masses build

A makeshift tomb for Jesus Christ

As hundreds of Jews and Gentiles mourn his life

And are singing the songs of brotherhood as he taught in his life

And though I see I shall be cursed and damned                                         115

I feel a happiness as I see Your mighty plan

Mankind’s salvation at last had come

And like the chicks, who now peck and run

The Apostles will travel across the land

I jump, at peace with this Holy Plan.                                                             120