Catherine Zimmerman, Member

Perfection. And it doesn’t stop at the hair. Long, black, styled, every day it’s perfect. Obviously she doesn’t do it herself. Whose hair could look that perfect? A sleek ponytail, not one flyaway, pulled back tight and concise. Now it’s down, long and perfect as usual. Every strand in a synchronized curl. Soon it will be straight, pin straight. The perfect blend of highlights and lowlights on one head. The skin complements the eyes which complement the hair which complements perfection. Precision in the form of hair. Maybe one day it won’t be perfect. All that product and effort put into her hair, it’s bound to start falling out one day. Hair wasn’t made to withstand all that spray, and new styles every day. I’ll give it ten more years. Ten more years of perfection, and then she might have to start doing something different.

She complained once about her psoriasis, but the whole time her hair was perfect, even when she was about to take a bath. You would think that the steam from the bath water would make her hair frizz up, but no, the hairspray stayed true and held her hair in place. I would bet that it looked the same even after she stepped out of the bath.

One time she went blonde. It was a summer thing. Some people like to go lighter during the summer; it gets them in the mood. Why not? It’s not like she doesn’t have the money to change it if she didn’t like it. “Liking it” was probably not even her motivation for getting it done. I’m sure the purpose was really just to make a fashion statement, you know in Hollywood, how everyone does everything to make a statement? I guess I like dit. It;s good to change it up once in a while. I still like her natural hair better though; it has more history, more meaning, and it’s more genuine.

Even though she is one of the most entertaining people to watch, I can see why people think she’s fake.