Poem 19-1

Michael Preston, Glyphs Member

May 16, 2019

Seconds hold still, The set vision Of two souls Gaze,   A thousand cities, Earth shifted, Tides, storms, Ages, Yet they find each other Here, Now   Nations rise Only to Collapse in...


Grace Hughes, Glyphs Member

May 16, 2019

This is who I’ve been washed and trained to be A machine fed by romance and fantasy Though there are many years ahead I can’t seem to shake the thought What I have now is what I’ll be buried with Everyone around seem...

Heaven in a Gun

Eileen Helck, Glyphs Member

May 15, 2019

Play me soft, like the sweetest dissonant chord Let us ring, bright harmony in all our words   Walking with you, the sunshine yellow and clean Down through the heat of summer, grass tall and green   ...


Bram Carter, Glyphs Member

May 15, 2019

Loud and soft, quick and slow Ebb and flow The silence of a crowd excited Good days and bad, stories you won't ever know, and you know them all already Now and then, here and there A word or two creep their way through All...

On The Edge of Fingertips

Chase Lucas, MHS Student

May 22, 2017

Walking into the booth in the far corner Aching heart Hair pulled tight, pants ironed, and fingers painted White Blue and Red Only a shade brighter Than the curtains worn from expressions of scorn And on the table ...

Yours Truly

Kelly Notine, MHS Student

May 21, 2017

Well here we are again. Pen against paper, A loop around my pen tip, small knot at the end, A small and frayed string of my heart once again out of body. Predestination had supposedly given it the role of reverberating the sound th...


Brian Culligan, Co Editor in Chief

May 21, 2017

is betrayal something you commit? a plot to tear a curtain from its fading plaster walls or something you receive? suicide without a note left behind   can pain only result from the grinding of a mechanical chain? or do...

younger julys

Meg Armstrong, Glyphs Contributor

April 22, 2016

blue star highway, and faded yellow lines head against the window, as cars pass by counting license plates, and faded stop signs naming all the birds and gazing at the sky july echoes off the evergreen trees eyelash...

My Love

Matthew Haughey, Glyphs Contributor

March 2, 2016

My love could never ever make me frown; She doesn’t look at other boys or men; She makes me happy when I’m feeling down; No doubt in mind she is a perfect ten. My perfect love, she’s always there for me; The...

Imperial Justice

Chris Rosica, Glyphs Contributor

January 16, 2016

When the fountain is dry We may whither We may curse We swear and storm out We howl at our enemy Spray his home with bullets He is not there   Set his land aflame Because we are an empire He is b...

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